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Injection pumps

Cummins 12 Valve Products

Our legendary quality extends to our VE and P pump product offerings as well.  

Little Moose Pump - Our Bosch VE pump rebuild comes with a little extra umph over stock.  Suitable for daily driver rigs with an eye on fuel economy and good performance. - $774.00 exchange, $200 core.

Cousin Moose Pump - Our Bosch VE pump performance rebuild offers 20% more fuel over stock.  Recommended for performance enthusiasts with an eye on quality. - $825.00 exchange, $200 core.

Inline Moose Pump - Our Bosch P pump rebuild is completely built with your performance goals in mind.  Rebuild of your existing pump or running core of your choosing.  $Call

Cummins 24 Valve Products

Bosch VP44 - Factory specified replacement injection pump for your 1998-2002 Dodge.  Specify 5spd/Auto or 6 speed transmission - $1290.00 exchange, $500 core.

Common rail pumps and injectors - We have them!  Call us for information.  717-806-5561


Cummins 5.9 turbocharger for 12 valve engines.   Completely rebuilt in house - $689 exchange with graded core.
All prices subject to change without notice.