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Our full line of Ford pumps, injectors and turbochargers are below.  Please scroll down for the complete selection.

More Moose Power!  All our Ford IDI injection pumps are available with the Hypermax Smoke Puff Limiter! Perfect for increasing fuel savings and clearing up excessive exhaust smoke.  A requirement in smoke puff regulated states. - $298.80 additional.

Ford/IH Injection Pumps and High Pressure Oil Pumps

Ford 1983 to 1994 (For Powerstroke engines scroll down)

We are the home of the world famous "Moose Pump" for Ford 1983-1994 IDI Engines, as discussed on forums such as

Thanks for your interest in our IDI Performance products.  We have developed a unique line of pumps and injectors which have proven themselves time and time again in applications for customers all over the world. Conestoga Diesel Injection is a full service fuel shop, which performs repair, rebuilding and re-manufacturing of a full line of pumps, injectors and turbochargers. We have crafted the following items specifically for your Ford/IH IDI engine.  Please see our Support Page for assistance with selecting the proper pump for your application.  All of our pumps come with a one year, unlimited mileage warranty except where noted.  We offer a one year warranty extension (a 2 year warranty) if you purchase two Hastings fuel filters when you order your pump.  We believe clean fuel is key to long life, and want you to change them annually, or more often depending on mileage.  All pumps are sold on an exchange basis, and require a core.  

For the Street, Farm and Commerial duty IDI...

The BULL Moose Pump. Our original is still our most praised.  This high flow 100cc performance DB2 fuel pump is for turbocharged engines ONLY and an intercooler is highly recommended. Works with Stock injectors, but we recommend you consider a set of Moose Mister injectors to allow it to develop its full potential. $840.00 with running core.


Moose JUNIOR Pump. - This is the 90cc DB2 pump for those who sit on the fence between the Baby Moose and Bull Moose products.  More power than the Baby, with less smoke than the Bull Moose.  Intercooler recommended but not required.  Turbo strongly encouraged, but not required as with the the Bull Moose.  $805.00 with running core.

BABY Moose Pump. - There has been a demand for high quality pumps with a stock turbo calibration and the bargain basement internet rebuilders have not been delivering consistent quality. A Baby Moose satisfies every time.  $770.00 with running core.

MINI Moose Pump. - This is the identical stock calibration that a normally aspirated IDI would have.  Sea level calibration, good for 170-175 HP stock crankshaft specification.  Same high quality as all our other pumps.  Perfect for shops doing work on customers vehicles where there is a concern over the lack of a pyrometer in the cab and customer education.  $750.00

Conestoga Diesel Injection is the country's leading builder of Stanadyne rotary pumps.  All our pumps are rebuilt to exacting specifications and standards, and designed to last as long as a new one.

For the Strip, Track, or Serious Hobbyist's IDI...

The OMEGA Moose Pump - We start our performance offerings with this 130cc Stanadyne DB2 pump, designed for track or off-road applications.  This pump is for the unique hobbyist, and is not for use on the street.  Individuals interested in this pump know what engine modifications and support equipment are needed to run it.    $920.00 with running core.

The SUPER Moose Pump - In the quest to build the most insane IDI on the planet, our customers have requested a "sky is the limit" pump..  The SUPER Moose produces an amazing 205cc of fuel, and meets the needs of individuals interested in competition pulling.  Because of this massive fuel flow, larger diameter lines and Moose Mister injectors are required, as is a 60 PSI external electric fuel pump and safety cutoff system.  Each pump is built to order.  $1650 with running core.  This is an off-road only pump, and comes with NO warranty!  

Accessories to make life easier...

High Performance Moose Fuel Feed Line. -  Dress up your Pump installation with this high quality flexible stainless braided line with red and blue aluminum fittings intended to replace your existing hard line from the filter head to the pump. This is a must have item, if you've installed a Hypermax Intercooler, and can no longer change your fuel filter without disassembling either your fuel line or your intercooler piping. This item consists of stainless braided 3/8" hose, with XRP blue and red fittings, and the necessary adapter for your pump. Fits all DB-2 pumps on 6.9 or 7.3 engines. Price - $117.10  Custom lengths available at extra cost.

Hypermax Smoke Puff Limiter. - The Smoke Puff Limiter is an aneroid which is operated by intake manifold pressure.  It's job is to limit fueling until there is sufficient turbocharger boost to burn all the fuel available.  It is available as an option on all our performance pumps. Depending on the emissions laws of your state, this device may be a requirement.  - $298.80.

For the IH/Ford Powerstroke owner...

High Pressure Oil Pump (HPOP) for 7.3L Powerstroke engines - $455.00 (requires gasket $30) core fee $150 

High Pressure Oil Pump (HPOP) for Early 2003-2004.5 6.0L Powerstroke engines - $725.00 core fee $150

High Pressure Oil Pump (HPOP) for Late 2004.5 and up 6.0L Powerstroke engines - $725.00 core fee $200

Injectors and install kits 

For 6.9L or 7.3L Ford/IH IDI applications:

Moose Buddy Injectors -We know a premium product like our Moose Mate or Moose Mister injectors is not always needed or wanted.  Our Moose Buddy injectors feature the same performance as our high quality new injectors, but these are lower cost without lower performance!  Made from the same new parts as our premium injectors, but with re-used bodies with their original markings, still running a 1" nut.  These injectors still feature new nozzles and are tested and pressure matched to the same exacting standards as our Moose Mate and Moose Mister products.  This injector provides even performance across the board for all IH and Ford IDI engine models.  Sold in pressure matched sets of 8 WITH the needed return line kit to install them.  $440.00 complete.  Requires injector cores for recycling.  Injectors carry a $10 core fee EACH.

Moose Mate Injectors - A product all our own, and compatible with all of our street running pumps, we have produced an injector equal in performance to the legendary Delphi BB injector.  This injector is completely new, and built using recycled bodies which have been re-machined, and which bear the CDI name.  Forget letter codes of the past!  This injector provides even performance across the board for all IH and Ford IDI engine models.  Sold in pressure matched sets of 8 WITH the needed return line kit to install them.  $555.25 complete.  Requires injector cores for recycling.  Injectors carry a $10 core fee EACH.


Moose Mister Mark II Injectors - The only performance injector on the market with an acceptable spray pattern. Dyno proven to develop better atomization and higher boost levels then comparable "pintle free" injectors. Juice up your engine without compromising smoothness or runability.  Updated tooling has allowed us to reduce our price!  $775.80 for a complete set of 8 with return line kit included! Requires injector cores for recycling.  Injectors carry a $10 core fee EACH

Injector return line kits - We offer two different kits for both 6.9 and 7.3 IDI engines, and we include these kits with our Moose Mate and Moose Mister injector products at no additional charge!  This is so that we can provide superior customer service and offerings that exceed industry standards.  These kits are available separately and are as follows.    Our kits includes all bio diesel friendly O-rings, caps, washers, hose and clamps, and are superior to many that are available at auto parts stores  We  include instructions for routing options.  

Basic kit - $75.00 - Includes all the standard parts including two nipple caps.  (Note - We do not support mid-valley routings with a 3 nipple cap.  Buy our Enhanced kit for a better solution.)

Enhanced kit - $85.50  Adds additional replacement seals, clamps, plugs and a fuel T for more flexible line routing options.  See our TECH NOTE on return line installations.  

Ford 7.3L and 6.0L Powerstroke applications:

7.3L Powerstroke HEUI injector  - 7.3Ls in AB, AD, or AE styles - $185.00 each. $200 core.  Must be like for like.

6.0L Powerstroke HEUI injectors, 2004.5 and prior years - $225.00 std or $255 gold

6.0L Powerstroke HEUI injectors, 2004.5 and later years - $225.00 std or $255 gold

We offer performance injectors from Mass Flo Engineering!  Available in 25HP increments, up to 175HP over stock injectors.  Call for details 717-806-5561

Conestoga Diesel Injection carries valve cover gaskets, glow plugs, glow plug controllers, wiring harnesses, and sensors for Powerstrokes!


We are your friendly source for Ford, Chevy and Dodge common rail and HEUI injectors, High Pressure Oil and Fuel Pumps, injector modules and more!  Call for details! 717-806-5561

Get a free high quality decal with all qualifying Moose product purchases!
Conestoga Diesel Injection is known globally for our family of Moose products.  Our friendly Moose logo is recognized world wide as a sign of quality and performance! 
Displaying our Moose is a sign of pride in your vehicle and the trust that you have put in us, which is something we do not take lightly!

Engine: 7.3L Ford Powerstroke Excursion & F-Series
Model Years: 1999.5-2003
Stage 1: 73619-5004s
88mm compressor wheel provides 33% more flow over stock, 1.00 A/R turbine housing reduces back pressure, reduces exhaust gas temperatures up to 200°
Kit Includes: GT3888R turbocharger, 4-inch inlet hose & band clamp, oil seal rings, installation instructions
Engine: 6.0L Ford Powerstroke Excursion & F-Series
Model Years: 2003, 2004-2006
Stage 1: 777469-5001s (2003), 772441-5001s (2004-2006)
Larger compressor wheel over stock increases maximum power range while keeping turbo speeds down for the same power output, supports up to an additional 175 HP over stock
Kit Includes: GT3788VA, Installation instructions.

We have a full line of Wicked Wheel compressor wheels for stock and performance Ford turbochargers.
We offer COMPLETE high quality in-house re-manufactured turbochargers for your Ford/ATS turbocharged IDI. All come with a full 1 year unlimited mileage warranty.  This is a premium rebuild, ready to go on your engine.  All you need to transfer over is the pressure switch.  Includes our mounting kit sold separately (below).

Stock - $735.00 with a graded core.  Core must include pedestal and waste-gate housing and actuator.

Enhanced w/Wicked Wheel billet compressor - $935.00 with a graded core.  Core must include pedestal and waste-gate housing and actuator.

A+ Rated core value $700.
Wicked Wheel billet compressor wheel for the IDI 093 turbo. Requires installation by a competent technician.  - $195.00

IDI Factory Turbo / ATS mounting kit.  Comes with everything you need to mount the turbo to the pedestal and the pedestal to the engine.  Includes all gaskets and seals, including the valley pan grommet. - $75.00  Also available in our online store.