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GM/Chevrolet Injection Pumps for IDI engines

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GM 6.2 and 6.5L IDI products:

We are the home of the world famous "Moose Pump" for GM 8 cylinder IDI Engines, as featured on

Thanks for your interest in our IDI Performance products.  We have developed a unique line of pumps and injectors which have proven themselves time and time again in applications for customers all over the world. Conestoga Diesel Injection is a full service fuel shop, which performs repairs, rebuilding and re-manufacturing of a full line of pumps, injectors and turbochargers. We have crafted the following items specifically for your GMC/Chevrolet IDI engine.  Please see our Support Page for assistance with selecting the proper pump for your application.

Omega Moose GM - This pump takes performance to the top level for those 6.5 enthusiasts who have modified their engines to support a much higher horsepower than needed for most applications.   The Omega produces an impressive 130cc output for maximum torque, and satisfies enthusiasts world wide.  Built with the same care and reliability using quality Stanadyne components as our other pumps. 

Bull Moose GM - This is our top performing DB2 pump for those looking for maximum on-street power for their all mechanical 6.2/6.5L powered vehicle.  A turbocharger with intercooler is required to get all the power out of this pump. 

Moose JUNIOR GM - This is the DB2 pump for those seeking more power than the Baby Moose.   Intercooler recommended but not required.  Turbo required.  6.2 engines can use a 6.5 factory turbo system.  

BABY Moose GM. -  Just as with our Ford offerings, the quality of our in-house rebuilt DB2 pumps cannot be beat.  You will find many cheaper, but the quality is not there.   

MINI Moose GM. - This is the stock OEM equipment replacement for 6.2 and 6.5 engines.  Built with the top notch quality Conestoga Diesel Injection is known for. 

DS4 electronic fuel pumps for later 6.5L - These are available exchange from our reputable line of remanufactured pumps.

Install kits for pumps are available.  (Required due to the necessity of removing the intake manifold.)  Includes gaskets and O-rings.

Remember... GM engines used both mechanical DB2 pumps, and in later years, used electronic DS4 pumps.  Make sure you know your application!  These vehicles have been around too long to rely on original model year information to be sure of what application is what.  You must know your pump to be sure.  We do NOT sell MOOSE branded pumps for the DS4 powered engines.