Conestoga Diesel Injection


1321 Byerland church Rd.

Willow Street PA, 17584-9776

Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM

Phone 717-806-5561  FAX 717-806-5572


Conestoga Diesel Injection is a complete PLN (Pump, Line, Nozzle) technology shop.  We feature test equipment by Hartridge and Bacharach.  Turbocharger rebuilding is done in-house using competent time proven methods.

We Rebuild, Re-manufacture, Service and Sell a wide variety of:

We sell a wide variety of common rail pumps and injectors, as well as turbochargers for heavy over the road trucks.

When Visiting Us

Welcome to our shop!

Policies and Rates effective 4/1/2017

  • All items left for repairs are subject to a minimum deposit.  The amount varies by category depending on item to be serviced.  
  • An estimate will be supplied on repairs over $500 automatically.  Unless requested, no estimate will be provided for lessor amounts.
  • Repairs in excess of $500 will require a 70% deposit to proceed at time of estimate for cash customers.
  • All items will be rebuilt unless specific repairs are requested.
  • Requests for specific repairs will be warranted only for that specific issue.  Example – requests for reseals will only cover leaks at the repaired area.
  • Cash or check product purchases requiring core exchanges will be billed core costs at time of purchase, unless cores are supplied at time of purchase.  Advance exchanges can be arranged with a credit card.