Conestoga Diesel Injection


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Willow Street PA, 17584-9776

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Diesel Injection Pumps


Conestoga Diesel Injection has extensive experience rebuilding, and repairing rotary and inline mechanical injection pumps.  From full Remanufacturing, to re-sealing a leak, we can handle help you with your engine component needs.  Big or small, we do them all.

* Rebuild and calibrate fuel injection pumps on our precision test equipment.

* Agricultural, automotive, and industrial applications of all kinds

* All sizes, makes, and models

    ~ tooling and expertise for obsolete and older models!

Specializing in Stanadyne, Bosch, Ambac, Lucas/CAV, Delphi, Denso, Zexel and many others.  

Why rebuild an injection pump?

    ~ cost effective alternative to exchange units

    ~ restore lost performance due to worn parts and leaking seals

    ~ calibration available to original or customer requested specifications

* New and rebuilt exchange units available

We are the Moose Pump people!  We have a full line of performance pumps for various applications.