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Diesel Fuel Injectors

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Mechanical diesel fuel injectors:

* Clean, flush, and test injectors

* Rebuild as necessary using quality OEM parts.


Why rebuild diesel fuel injectors?


    ~ better performance through consistent fuel delivery to each cylinder

     ~ smoother idle

     ~ better starting
     ~ improved fuel economy
* New and rebuilt exchange units available

Consider the rest of your fuel system when rebuilding or purchasing new/re-manufactured injectors.  If your injectors are new and your injection pump is old and worn, your engine timing will not be optimal.  As pumps and injectors age and wear together, their characteristics match.  Injection pumps weaken, as do the injectors.  The lower pressure fuel delivery will match the lower opening pressure of the injector.  If a new pump is matched with old injectors, the opening pressure of the injector will be lower than what the pump is calibrated for.  Likewise, if injectors are renewed, the higher opening pressure will challenge the old worn pump.  For best performance, economy, and value, always renew both at the same time. Conestoga Diesel Injection can rebuild your pump and injectors and ensure that they deliver top notch performance for your engine! 

Common rail and HEUI electronic injectors:
We DO perform common rail injector testing in-house, using a state of the art computerized test bench, which completely analyzes all operating parameters of the injector and produces useful reports.  Customers save on average, $1500 by having their existing common rail injectors cleaned and tested, then re-using their good injectors with confidence, rather than replacing the whole set with re-manufactured injectors.

At this time, we feature re manufactured products from trusted partners and vendors competent in this technology.  We are currently working to bring re manufacturing and rebuilding of CR and HEUI injectors in-house, but due to extensive investments needed for tooling to do these injectors correctly, we are unable to perform these tasks at present.  Common Rail injectors are extremely sensitive and lots of vendors are out there advertising that they do common rail.  However, due to the extensive emissions equipment found in late model engines, it is possible to have poorly functioning common rail injectors that seem to run OK, but which produce smoke and emissions which over-work the exhaust processing subsystems of the modern engine.  These problematic injectors will cause additional problems after some period of time.  Conestoga Diesel Injection is committed to quality, and we will not produce common rail injectors, until we can do them with precision and accuracy.

Gasoline Fuel Injectors
The precision electronic fuel injectors in your car or light truck are very durable, but they are susceptible to hardened build-ups of varnish, lacquers, debris and other residue that blocks the tiny discharge passage at the injector tip.  This results in poor engine performance, and lost fuel economy.
Our seven step service will assure as-new performance and save you money!  Why pay $75-$125 for a replacement injector when yours can be renewed for a fraction of that cost?
Our service includes:
* Leak testing
*Spray patterns examined
*Flow volume measured
*Ultrasonic cleaning
*New filter baskets installed
*Pintle caps replaced
*All new seals and O-rings
We provide a before and after comparison report.